Is The Trump Administration Violating Environmental Laws To Build A Border Wall?

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration has been routinely accused of bending or breaking a multitude of laws during its short existence. Considering how important the environment is to the future — not only of our species, but also of our economy — many have questioned whether or not Trump has the interests of the environment at heart when trying to find a way to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

It was recently reported that Trump once offered to pardon anyone arrested for breaking laws to build the wall. Naturally, he backtracked by saying he was only joking. Whenever he’s accused of corruption, he’s only joking. It’s a Trump thing. He “jokes” almost every day.

It’s a scary situation for a few reasons: no matter how many laws the Trump Administration ignores, the courts seem increasingly okay with letting him have his way. Even though he publicly admitted there was no real need to call a national emergency to build his border wall, that’s exactly what he ended up doing when Congress refused to allocate the funds — and then when those same actions led to a new round of lawsuits, the courts gave him a pass. 

Why is this so disturbing?

The entire point of having three branches of government is so that one can check the others. This system of checks and balances is at its breaking point when the president can ask for money from the legislative branch, which then fulfills its purpose by denying it before the judiciary branch inevitably sides with the president — literally giving one man who flouts the law all the power. That’s somewhat dangerous since Trump was already the most powerful man in the world.

What else is Trump accused of doing?

When he told members of his staff that they would have a presidential pardon should they break the law, he promoted the idea that they should, according to The Washington Post: “Fast-track billions of dollars’ worth of construction contracts, aggressively seize private land, and disregard environmental rules.” 

One of the reasons the wall is so detested among environmentalists is because animals tend to, you know, move around. Building such a structure prevents them from moving from one habitat to the next when they need to, which puts a lot of stress on already endangered species living in the area.  

Did the Trump Administration take any of this into consideration before moving along with plans? Of course not. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now headed by a guy who doesn’t believe in climate change, and even coal and oil companies are blasting the now-defunct EPA for loosening regulations that could lead to fast-tracked man-made climate change.

No one is happy.