Justice Department Needs More Cash To Protect Environmental Agenda

It was probably only a matter of time. We live in an era in which most people understand the need to conserve, protect, and replenish the environment we’ve always taken for granted. But the Trump administration’s environmental policies have done anything but what the majority of the American people want. Nearly 75 percent are  worried about the effects of climate change, even though half of them vote for the guy whose policies do a great deal of damage to our environment.

Many law firms have taken the fight to the Trump administration with litigation. How has that worked out? It depends on your point of view.

But the bottom line is that the litigation, while it can help protect our environment, can become a burden for the taxpayer. Why is that the case? Simple. The federal government needs a way to pay both to defend its policies and to compensate the ones who win those cases. That’s why the Justice Department recently requested an infusion of cash from Congress — to protect not the environment, but the damaging agenda of this administration.

The Environmental and Natural Resources Division (har har) asked for an additional $796,000 to protect the administration’s policies. For the first time in history, agencies tasked with protecting our environment are headed by authority figures who argue climate change is a hoax or simply a left-wing lie.

The agency said, “Virtually every significant agency action implementing this agenda has been or will be challenged. This increased workload is no longer sustainable and additional resources are necessary for ENRD to continue to be able to allow the best possible defense of the Administration’s priority actions.”

What would the money pay for as soon as the new fiscal year begins? An additional five attorneys, two paralegals, and more staff. The Trump administration called his legal response to the lawsuits a “Smart, Responsible, Common-Sense, Effective Approach to Environmental Litigation.” We can argue all day about the merits — or lack thereof.

Much of the current litigation is fighting Trump’s consistent dismantling of Obama’s climate protections orders (and everything else the man accomplished in office — if nothing else, Trump’s presidency will be remembered for its societal response to the first African American who occupied the office). 

ENRD also wants another $4 million (on top of the current budget of $109.4 million in 2020) for other adjustments that have nothing to do with legal. 

When asked for information about budgetary allocations, the Justice Department failed to respond.